March 8, 2021

Jihan Wu sold mining pool to

Jihan Wu sold mining pool to

Chinese sports lottery provider bought one of the world's largest mining pools, which formerly owned by Bitmain. buys mining business in exchange for 10% of newly issued class A shares. Capitalization of is estimated at $ 860 million.

The terms of the agreement provide for the transfer of all business, including the domain name and cryptocurrency wallet, under the control of

Jihan Wu sold mining pool to, which was originally a lottery order operator, and has recently become heavily involved in bitcoin mining.

The company recently entered into a purchase agreement5,900 ASICs, worth approximately $ 8.5 million. After that, placed an order for another 10,000 miners, which will be delivered during 2021. The company's total hash capacity was expected to grow by about 1000 PH / s over the year.

And that was before announced its acquisition of Even at the most conservative estimates, the company will have a large market share.

Over the past few years, China's dominance of BTC mining has only grown, accounting for 65% of the network's total hashrate.

Jihan Wu sold mining pool to

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