June 6, 2023

Itez service allows you to buy bitcoins using VISA and MasterCard

Estonian digital company DataBridge announces the launch of Itez exchange service, which allows you to buy Bitcoins using VISA and MasterCard bank cards in a fast and safe mode. The new service is designed to help simplify exchange transactions between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Itez service allows you to purchase bitcoins in minutes both on your own site and on other sites that have installed a special widget.

To complete the transaction, you must enterthe corresponding fields are the amount of the purchase of bitcoins, the number of the bank card and the bitcoin address to which the purchased cryptocurrency should be transferred. Transactions are performed with the highest possible speed for the bitcoin network. A high level of security for buying and selling transactions is ensured through cooperation with an acquirer with the first level (Level 1) of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Vitaly Medvedev, CEO of Itez, notes thatthe acquisition of bitcoins is a popular service, but it is still difficult for users to make a choice in favor of a particular exchanger. Itez provides the highest level of security and is fully compliant with applicable law. And due to the fact that the Itez widget can be easily integrated into any website, users will be able to purchase cryptocurrency on resources they already know that work with ITEZ.

It is worth noting that the operator Itez is a companyDataBridge OU, registered as a legal entity in Estonia (registration number - 14515009). DataBridge has licenses to provide services for exchanging virtual currencies for fiat money and storing virtual currencies, thereby working in a legal field and in full compliance with European legislation on the protection of user data. Both licenses are issued by the Estonian authorities (licenses FVR000520 and FRK000433).

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