December 1, 2022

Istanbul update provokes Ethereum network issues

Istanbul update provokes Ethereum network issues

The long-awaited Ethereum Istanbul update was successfully completed, but it could not solve all the network problems. By Apparently, after the fork on the network, there were problems with transaction processing.

As previously reported, a hard fork was heldafter mining block number 9069000 by the Chinese mining pool SparkPool. The update introduced six EIPs, which are mainly focused on enhancing network security and optimizing gas prices.

However, according to Antoine de Calvez, one of the first cryptocurrency miners, after the completion of the hard fork, problems with transaction processing appeared on the network.

Calvez claims that the price of some transactions with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has risen significantly, which negatively affects the work with smart contracts.

In addition, according to the miner, the update is alsoinfluenced exchange transactions with ETH. One of the affected platforms was the Gemini exchange. Exchange employees cannot transfer user deposits to a hot wallet, which leads to constant reports of a lack of gas.

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