January 31, 2023

Is everything sad with BTC now? To dump?

Thoughts on BTC.
• The chart has a high probability of falling, the trend seems to be over and the flat (triangle) shows more muzzle down ...
• ETFs were recalled, and those very limited, for institutions, ETFs were not in demand ...
• A population survey shows that few people hold bitcoin, investors from other markets have sold and their hands have been removed. Hype in IPO
• The world crisis was postponed, where according to the theory this time will be cue ball, although on the other hand, the lowered rate of the Fed gives more cheap money and there is a theory that they should go to the crypt as well ...
• The expected cryptocurrency exits from the giants of the IT world are sabotaging governments, indicating that they will not let them rest.
• The trading volumes are also frightening, at the peak of 2019 the values ​​are more than at the bottom of 2018, did those who went from the bottom and those who held out waiting for the market to recover?

I see more pessimism today, has it really become a bear and is it time to get rid?)

What are your thoughts? What is significant - positive today?

P.S. Telegram has more thoughts and actions towards creating a foundation - t.me/drsombre
Is everything sad with BTC now? To dump?