January 23, 2022

Is 2022 the heyday of predictive crypto markets?

Recent years have been marked by a summer surge of interest in certain sectors of the crypto market. Accepted distinguish the so-called

2020 – DEFI summer
2021 – NFT summer
2022 – Prediction markets summer ??? <forecast>

This year, it's time to have a good shot at everyonepredictive crypto startups. Airdrops for users of the Polymarket and Polkamarkets protocols can become a catalyst for mass interest in these financial technologies. At one time, the airdrops of uniswap, dydx, and other decentralized exchangers dragged a lot of people into defi projects, which in themselves are rather boring and, in principle, of little interest to anyone without airdrops. There is still a rare case when the absence of American citizenship in itself is a strong advantage. Airdrops may not be credited to persons who visited sites with American i.p.

Website Polymarket completely finished and although the display of graphscould still be improved, you can trade there. Another thing is that this is a fairly efficient market and most of the events they offer are priced more or less accurately. In terms of complexity, it is about the same as playing against a bookmaker, but more fun than sports betting.

But Polkamarkets compares favorably in this regard.Some dampness of the service (after all, this is only a beta version) can scare off a user who is not used to web 3.0. However, the market estimates of the probabilities on this site are very far from fair. For instance, the probability that the price of ETH will be above $4100 tomorrow is still quoted in the 10% region, although it is hardly more than 2%.

Is 2022 the heyday of predictive crypto markets?

and of course regular deposit/withdrawal of MOVR on Polkamarkets or USDC on Polymarket can count well in metamask airdrop farming.

There are no guarantees that the airdrop metamask will be calculated specifically for the Eth Mainnet.

Much more fun if it happens for the Moonriver or Polygon network...

Is 2022 the heyday of predictive crypto markets?

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