September 25, 2022

Iran introduces “special” electricity tariffs for miners

Iran introduces “special” electricity tariffs for miners

The Iranian government has introduced electricity tariffs for crypto miners, offering remuneration for exposure of illegal mining operations in the country.

Anyone who denounces minersusing subsidized electricity, will receive a fee of 20% of the damage caused to the national electricity grid. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Energy of Iran Mostafa Rajabi in an interview with the local news agency IRIB News.

Under the new rules, the average export priceElectricity in Iran is fixed at 9,650 rials kWh ($ 0.08). The tariff will be used as a base point for calculating the price of electricity aimed at cryptocurrency mining.

As Rajabi noted, the cost will be half that figure for the eight cold months of the year, about $ 0.04 kWh, while during the remaining months the rate will be $ 0.16 kWh.

Use of subsidized energy previouslyexerted pressure on the national energy system of Iran, and led to an increase in energy consumption in the country by 7%. So, the Iranian authorities seized about 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines in two former factories that illegally mined coins.