March 31, 2023

IOTA Network Resumes After Hacking Trinity Wallets

IOTA Network Resumes After Hacking Trinity Wallets

Almost a month after the IOTA network was frozen, the project team again activated it on Tuesday, and also announced its intention to compensate the victims.

After numerous attacks on Trinity 12 walletsFebruary, as a result of which about $ 2.2 million in MIOTA tokens were stolen from users, the IOTA Foundation disconnected the coordination node responsible for confirming transactions.

On Tuesday, the project team completed the transfer of users to new accounts and resumed the system. IOTA co-founder David Sonstebo also told The Block. that he plans to personally address the issue of damages to all victims of the hacker.

The company has not yet identified the attacker, but it continues to track it down with law enforcement agencies in several countries.

After the restart, the developers intensified monitoring of network activity and plan to upgrade the product security system.