June 18, 2024

International “Network Agreement” – set of principles for the internet

International “Network Agreement” - a set of principles for the Internet

The creator of the World Wide Web, British programmer Tim Berners-Lee suggested that governments, corporations andcitizens to support the so-called “Net Compact,” a set of principles that will make the Internet a safe and open platform.

According to the Berners-Lee plan, governments and commercial companies must provide users with access to the Internet and guarantee the confidentiality of personal data.

Internet users themselves must createa strong community designed to respect human rights and fight for the Web, raising awareness of each other's threats and counteracting the transformation of the Internet into an instrument of state influence.

“The agreement is a plan to create a strong Network. But this will not happen if we all do not assume these obligations, "- said the creator of WWW.

The initiative has already been supported by 150 organizations, including the largest US companies Google, Facebook, Microsoft, as well as the governments of France, Germany and Ghana.

The contract was developed by World Wide.Web Foundation for a year. After taking into account all who wish to adhere to the new standards, the team will continue to work on the project and the implementation of its provisions.

According to a November study by the American non-governmental organization Freedom House, the post-Soviet space faces special problems with Internet freedom.