July 21, 2024

Innosilicon Mining Farm Fire Reduces Bitcoin Hash Rate

On September 30, the network hashrate of the first cryptocurrency decreased noticeably and amounted to 82 EH/s. Such a drop in hashrateassociated with a fire that destroyed mining equipment for $ 10 million

As Marshall Long reported on Twitter(Marshall Long), one of the first Bitcoin miners, a fire is raging at the Innosilicon mining center. There are few details, but the video above shows that the devices work even during a fire. As Dovey Wan, a partner at the cryptocurrency company Primitive Ventures, said, $10 million worth of equipment was damaged in the fire.

Note that the Innosilicon company is still silent. But commentators on social networks immediately linked the drop in bitcoin hash with a fire at the company's facilities.

Let us recall that until recently the Bitcoin hashratewas constantly growing and was already approaching 100 exahashes per second. According to CoinDesk journalists, the reason for the increase in hashrate was the commissioning of more than 500,000 ASIC miners.