December 4, 2020

India: Crypto-services will be provided in the branches of the bank

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa is ready to provide services with the use of cryptocurrencies in the off-line.

Together with United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Societu the bank creates the UNICAS company to become "the world's first friendly cryptocurrency financial institutions with physical branches and operations."

According to official information, UNICAS will start its activities in December 2020 and will offer the following services:

  • Opening of savings accounts in cryptocurrencies;
  • Credits for the deposit of cryptocurrency, gold and real estate;
  • Investments in cryptocurrencies, bonds and urgent deposits;
  • Rapid expansion with more than 100 branches in 2022;
  • Buy cryptocurrency in cash in physical offices.

B UNICAS will allow their customers to tradewith cryptocurrencies not only online, but also in 22 branches of the bank in the north of India. At these points, customers can buy or sell Bitcoins, Cashaa, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin and XRP.

UNICAS is also planning to expand its activities by opening cryptsals in Delhi and other cities, in order to provide services to 150 million people.

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Unfortunately, at the present time, another law is being discussed, which presupposes the trade of cryptocurrency in India.

At the same time, residents of the country show interest in cryptocurrencies, since according to information from the OKEx cryptocurrency, the number of Indian users has grown by 545%.

Obviously, Cashaa is planning to satisfy this demand by starting to provide crypto services in bank branches. In addition, the project aims to help people learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies.

“Most Indians do not know about the cryptocurrency orerring at her expense, because they tend to maintain the position of the government. In addition, the economy of India is still based on cash, despite the desire for demonetization. With the help of UNICAS Crуpto, we intend to solve both problems that hinder the process of accepting cryptocurrency in India ", - noted the General Director and the head of the Cashaa Guitar.