February 1, 2023

In the Russian Federation may prohibit access to the Internet without passport verification

In the Russian Federation may prohibit access to the Internet without passport verification

The Internet on the passport is no longer science fiction, but a real initiative, which will be considered State Duma and Federation Council.

Proposal to discuss the introduction in Russiacompulsory registration of an Internet access passport was sent on Tuesday to the leadership of the State Duma and the Federation Council by the president of the Avanti Association of Entrepreneurs for the Development of Business Patriotism, Rakhman Yansukov. It is reported by TASS.

The appeal of the head of the association says:

“We propose to introduce in the territory of the Russian FederationMandatory registration for citizens when accessing the Internet. Thus, any citizen who wants to use the Internet in Russia will have to provide an electronic version of an identity document. ”

Total Internet Control in Russia

According to the proposed “Avanti” idea, the RussiansIt is necessary to prohibit access to the Internet without verification of identity. To access the network, you will have to register a digital version of the passport, and for children who do not have it yet, the documents of parents. The initiative also affects the Internet in public places like cafes - there you can’t do without a passport either.

A logical question arises - why is this needed?"Business patriots"? According to their vague and meaningless formulations, it can be concluded that anonymous pests interfere with proud businessmen, who organize various sabotage, spam attacks and other methods of unfair competition. However, the patriots are well aware that for their sake no one will accept such an absurd law, and the authors of the appeal to the Duma and the Federation Council poured a huge portion of water into the text.

In particular, the Internet must protect the passportchildren to save the country from actions destabilizing the authorities, and just rid the network of any kind of criminals. Avanti members even stated that foreign agents actively interfere in the Russian elections, and their initiative guarantees protection against such violations of sovereignty.

What will the free internet ban lead to?

Of course, all this is nonsense that does not haveno parallels with reality. Nothing destabilizes the situation in the country more than the adoption of such a stupid law. In reality, the situation is as follows: the members of Avanti cannot adapt to the modern realities of business, where the competition went online, and they decided to go along the simplest path - to ban everything, and everyone will be fine.

To give weight to his idea, the author of the appealcited Austria as an example. Since 2020, Internet access will be possible only by phone number, which is tied to their personal data. The only problem is that we are not in Austria, and the initiative of one country does not guarantee its adequacy.

Thus, the idea of ​​the Internet for a passport isfrank nonsense that will cause real damage to both ordinary people and Russia in principle. To better understand all the absurdities, it’s enough to recall that several years ago Vitaly Milonov tried to promote a similar idea. For any sane person this is enough.