August 4, 2021

In France, scheduled a hearing in the case of Vinnik. It can go right in the hospital

On Tuesday, January 28, the French judge for freedoms and imprisonment will hold a hearing to determine the conditions pre-trial detention of Russian AlexanderVinnik, who is suspected of creating the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange and laundering at least $ 4 billion through it. This was reported to RIA Novosti by French lawyer Arian Zimra.

According to Timofei Musatov, another lawyerVinnik, the latter may be detained if charges of specific crimes are brought. Otherwise, Alexander Vinnik should be released, as the laws of the European Union provide for a maximum period of detention without charge, which has already expired during the stay of the Russian in a Greek prison.

“Accordingly, either he is charged, or he must be released,” Musatov stressed.

He also noted that due to poor physicalVinnik’s condition, the hearing can take place right in the hospital, where he is now. The staff at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris, where the suspect was allegedly taken and had already been interrogated, declined to comment.

Recall that in France Vinnik is accused of breakingemails of thousands of people, extorting money and laundering them. France demanded to give her a Russian last June, and in July the court expedited this request.

On December 20, the head of the Ministry of Justice of Greece Kostas Tsiaras signed a decision on the consistent extradition of the Russian to France, and then to the United States and Russia.