June 18, 2024

In China, a nuclear explosion. Bitcoin swam. How to use?

On the topic that posting all sorts of research and articles here is useful and there is a demand, I understand that, thanks forpluses, but is it worth just thoughts/trades from your blog in the cart? Comment + if you continue, please.
The format is:

Bitcoin has sailed well, I’m happy. Stop pulled up ~ +0.2% P/L (red line).
In China, a nuclear explosion. Bitcoin swam. How to use?

There was a good correction for ETHBTC, the day closed almost at SL.
It will be necessary to conduct tests to initially enter at a partial risk, and then add to the correction.
Here in China it’s hard to live with Western services without a VPN, everything is locked. I downloaded the shelf onto the mob and it’s fine, but what about the laptop?
An American submarine is said to have gone down in the South China Sea, and there is a surge of radiation in China.

An accident? Or didn’t the trade wars go into the trading ones, and the uncle Trump decided in this way to undermine the eastern economy?
Short Asia and S&P for new highs?

By the way, because I’m here, nearby, what should I do in such cases, run to the pharmacy for iodine tablets? Or urgently buy a ticket to fly home?
P.S. How I build my hedge fund, research, deals and problems along the way, I write everything in my small telegram blog, I will be glad to support and advice - t.me/drsombre