April 17, 2021

In Brazil, non-state university diplomas will be issued on the blockchain

Brazilian Ministry of Education proposes blockchain platform for digital production certificates of education among non-state universities to combat the falsification of diplomas.

According to Cointelegraph Brazil, the MinisterEducation Abraham Weintraub said the government is considering such a possibility. The resources for financing the development of the platform will come from private educational institutions themselves, as they will be solely responsible for issuing diplomas.

In addition, to implement this measure, the Ministrywill require universities to create independent departments responsible for managing the blockchain-based platform. Local media also report that at least 14 private universities have already shown interest in the government’s proposal.

Former President of the National Council forGilberto Garcia said that this proposal also includes the inclusion of all these educational institutions in the system, which will support the concept of transparency that the blockchain can offer.

The proposal of the Ministry is aimed at solvingproblems associated with the sale of fake university diplomas, which has long existed in the country. As part of the fight against fake certificates, the Ministry of Education has introduced a mandatory measure to issue diplomas in digital form, both for state and private educational institutions.

Blockchain solutions for release and validationThe authenticity of education certificates is developed by many organizations. In December, it became known that State University in Hokkaido, with the support of two telecommunications companies, is creating a blockchain solution to verify the authenticity of educational documents.

In September, the Swiss University of St. Gallenannounced the beginning of testing a blockchain system that will help in the fight against the fake of higher education diplomas. In the same month, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia introduced the E-Skrol system, based on the NEM blockchain and designed to combat fake diplomas.