October 20, 2020

In Beijing, 140 guests went to the blockchain

According to local news, the authorities of Beijing will tell you about their first blockchain project in the state services of China.

It is believed that Already 140 applications of state serviceswork on a blockchain. These applications are divided into three categories: "distribution and exchange of data", "joint processing of data" and "electronic certificates and storage."

Blockchain is a breakthrough in the exchange of data, whichit is difficult to implement the traditional way ... of storing electronic certificates, which will allow you to store it in a blockchain, to increase the reliability and efficiency of the

For example, a blockchain system for registrationreal estate includes 11 state sectors, including a commission on municipal planning, a commission on housing construction and development of a social area, a budget in the city

The relevant departments will be employedregistration of real estate and keep the relevant information in a block.

In addition, China is able tousing the technology of the blockchain for exchanging data between medical institutions in the context of future pandemics. While the Chinese local authorities are confronted with problems when introducing a blockchain application, as long as the interested parties do not want to use it.