December 5, 2022

In Argentina, the government data center was attacked by a cryptographic virus

The data center, which stores the data of the Argentinean government, was attacked by a ransomware virus, which encrypted the files and demanded a ransom in bitcoins to decrypt them.

According to the Minister of Science and Technology of Argentina, Alicia Banuelos (Alicia Bañuelos), 7.7 TB of data was encrypted, but at the moment, IT professionals were able to decrypt 90% of the files.

“The ransomware virus attack has encrypted Argentina’s government files that have been collected for 10 years. It took us 15 days to decrypt the files, ”said Banuelos.

The attack took place on November 25th. The amount of ransom requested by hackers is not reported, however, according to various sources, it could be from 5 to 50 bitcoins, which at the current exchange rate is from $ 37,000 to $ 370,000.

According to Europol, ransomware viruses have becomethe most popular way to get money for hackers. Recently, computer systems in the South African city of Johannesburg were attacked by a similar program. Hackers demanded that the city authorities transfer 4 BTC to them, but officials refused to do so.