November 29, 2023

In 2019, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation identified 237 pyramids. Among the most popular are investments in Gram tokens.

In 2019, the Bank of Russia identified 237 organizations with signs of financial pyramids, which was the maximumindicator for five years of their search.They often receive funds under the guise of investing in digital currencies. This was announced by the Director of the Department for Combating Illegal Activities of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh, Vedomosti reports.

The number of such organizations compared to 2018 has grown by almost a half times.

In addition to attracting investment in projects thatallegedly offering to invest in digital currencies like Gram or Libra, the most popular areas are real estate and agriculture, as well as shares of companies that are not traded on the stock exchange.

«Now proposals for alleged investments in social network cryptocurrencies have begun to actively appear— Facebook and Telegram. Telegram is even more», —noted Lyakh.

Recall that the Central Bank has already warned of a new wave of fraud associated with the release of digital currencies by Telegram and Facebook.

Basically, such companies raise funds through social networks or sites. At the same time, 43% of organizations conduct their activities from the UK, Lyakh said.

The Central Bank emphasized that the pyramids are activated at the end of the year, and gradually cease operations by the second quarter.

Revealing more organizations withThe signs of the pyramids contributed to a special center in Khabarovsk. This helped the Central Bank to discover 80 projects at the stage of their launch until investment was attracted.

In total, the regulator identified about 2,600 companies with signs of illegal activity, most of which — illegal lenders.

Lyakh also noted that most often the victims of fraudulent organizations are citizens from 30 to 55 years old.

Earlier, Rosfinmonitoring stated that the tendency of citizens of the Russian Federation to participate in financial pyramids is one of the reasons why cryptocurrency circulation cannot be allowed in Russia.