March 4, 2024

Implementation of Sharding technology from the TERA blockchain platform

The TERA blockchain team has almost completed the implementation of the SHARDING technology using the POW consensus on itsthe platform. The essence of this implementation is to create a cross-sharing network from an almost infinite number of shards (blockchains) combined into a common blockchain.

The top-level blockchain consists only of shard hashes. Its goal is to cement the states of shard hashes — impossibility of rolling back blocks.

Each shard is decentralized and independent.emission and mining within its network. At the same time, any miner can participate in mining not only his shard, but also any shard in the TERA cross-sharing network.

To transfer values ​​between shards(blockchains) are transactions that are calls to the functions of smart contracts with the sign of cross-sharding. Such a transaction calls a function in two shards at once.

The user will have one wallet to work with all shards. When creating a new account, among other things, he enters the name of the shard, which always coincides with the name of the cryptocurrency.

If he wants to send funds to another shard heIn front of the recipient's account number, write the name of the shard and a colon. For example, BNB: 198678. This means that the wallet should automatically send funds to a special smart contract, which is a gateway with BNB shard.

Infinite scalability possiblethrough the optional use of trust in shard validation. But unlike other blockchains, such a trust system does not have problems with decentralization, and if the miner set a trust group and made a mistake, the network will not suffer from this, as other miners have different trust groups.

You can read in more detail in the concept published on the project website.