May 27, 2023

IDEO and HSE will train personnel for the digital economy

IDEO and HSE will train personnel for the digital economy

International Association for the Development of the Digital Economy and the Higher School of Economics of St. Petersburg launch the IDEO Skills program, which aims to support research and technology projects of students and project teams in the field of digital economy and blockchain.

Participants will be able to implement their project on the basis ofmarket leaders - partners of the Association, to receive a scholarship grant to conduct research on the digital economy, as well as get access to the largest international industry events - including the international Blockchain Life forum.

International Digital Development AssociationIDEO Economy is an association of opinion leaders and the largest companies in the blockchain industry. Each year, the IDEO team holds an international forum in the field of blockchain and digital technologies Blockchain Life.

The forum takes place in St. Petersburg, Moscow andSingapore is the largest industry event, bringing together more than 6,000 participants on one site - industry leaders, government officials and business representatives from more than 70 countries.