June 19, 2024

IDEG Asian Investment Company Launches Two Bitcoin Trusts

IDEG Investment, an Asian asset management company, has announced the launch of Asia Bitcoin Trust I and Atlas Mining Bitcoin TrustsTrust I, totaling $ 200 million

Unlike passively controlled products,like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Asia will use active management in Asia Bitcoin Trust I. IDEG traders plan to implement various risk hedging strategies as well as use arbitrage trading to “effectively control drawdown risks.”

According to IDEG CEO Kevin Yang(Kevin Yang), the second investment product of Atlas Mining Trust I, will allow you to profit from mining bitcoin. Note that the annual profit of mining companies reaches from $ 4 billion to $ 8 billion.

“The mining business is rapidly evolving, into thislarger companies are coming in. Individual mining has almost ceased to exist, as institutional miners prevail in all aspects, whether it is initial investment, operating expenses, risk management or operational management. Therefore, their profits are much higher, ”said Raymond Yuan, the founder of IDEG.

Custodial services for IDEG Investment will beProvide the Coinbase Exchange division - Coinbase Custody. At the moment, it is one of the largest custodial service providers, in the storage of which there are more than 900,000 BTC.

Recall that Grayscale launchedBitcoin Trust back in 2013, and recently she applied to the SEC to register her product. Once approved, the trust will function as a separate company.