June 15, 2021

I was asked why I don't trade crypto

I have a friend. Realtor. She sees herself as a person of action. He says you see the risks, and I capabilities.you think and analyze for a long time, and I already do. Invested by Hermes (from network marketing, offshore fund). And now - she says - I'm starting to be interested in crypt. there you can earn 300% a year. I ask, why do you think so? because you can. I say, and how will you earn? look at how bitcoin flies tens of percent down. She says - and I will not keep, I will buy for a short time, it grew by a couple of percent, I sold and earned a couple of percent. And so a hundred times. Apparently someone sold it to her
I say - and you did not think that if so 300% it could be easy to do - you would have a bunch of people around you and would do that, and not go to work (conditionally to the bank). would not keep money on deposits and in bonds with comparable yield with deposits. It seems obvious that if people with big money invest in the same debts, it is not because they are fools and do not know about the existence of a crypt. She is not. most of the people are very afraid and blindfolded. I thought, eh. until the money itself is lost, it is unlikely to think. At the same time, she has been very successfully engaged in her main activity for 15 years working for herself. how pragmatism is combined there and hope for a miracle here is not clear.