January 19, 2021

I hope you took this into account! Now we play: "I hammered the charge into the gun tightly ..."

Based on November 19, 2017: "Bitcoin: A little slower, horses! A little bit..."
"... before crossing from bottom to top 19793, see 16685 fresh-down."

The turkey today will seem too tough for someone... but "All this was and will happenagain..."

I think:
Significantly less than 16,000 this week will not show (estimated 16180).
Maximum bottom of the decline of 15,000 ("I don't believe", estimated 15280).below, you'll need to review the forecast.
Month (week) will close about 17600

Wouldn't be surprised if Christmas candles (at the official Trump-Biden announcement on December 20th) light up 23,000+

Total that we have from the current:

Good trade and good luck!

Regards, V.

p.s.Hi, Timothy on the inability to predict when the Black Swan will pinchBehind the ass.
You just don't have to move it forward.

Regards, V.