November 26, 2020

Hyperledger has released a new version of the blockchain platform Fabric

The Hyperledger Consortium has announced the launch of a new version of the open source blockchain platform Fabric, in which The decentralized management of smart contracts appeared.

One of the main innovations was the processmanaging the integration of smart contracts written in common programming languages ​​like JavaScript. In order for a smart contract to start interacting with the blockchain, the approval of several developers or organizations is necessary. Thus, the management of smart contracts has become decentralized.

Support is also an important privacy. Organizations can now share confidential information without having to define access channels for different participants. Among other updates, it is worth noting a new third-party tool for launching smart contracts, support for the Raft algorithm and various performance improvements.

“Hyperledger Fabric 2 release.0 was an important step in the evolution of the blockchain. The update was developed based on feedback from real users, including improved smart contract management and increased productivity, ”said Rob Palatnick, Managing Director and Head of Technology Research and Innovation at DTCC.

Recall that the Hyperledger consortium was founded in 2015, and the first version of the Fabric blockchain platform was launched in 2017.