May 25, 2022

HYIP projects have reached Smart-Lab! It boiled. May be enough?

Greetings colleagues!
I decided to write a small post.
Many years ago, HYIP-type projects (pyramids) were very popular!
I myself went into a couple of projects and naturally gave my money to the scammers.
Why am I talking about this?
Many people think that they are investing in HYIP projects andhow it seems to them that they are investors - Good luck colleagues! The guys who communicate on the Smart-Lab platform have long known that such guys are not investors, but simple clients of scammers. They can be called investors if they themselves launch a HYIP project and have the HYIP (script) projects platform itself (I know a lot about this, because I learned how to launch a HYIP project). Such a project can be launched for $ 1000-3000, you don't even need to be a great programmer.
Here is a picture so that you understand what it is about
HYIP projects have reached Smart-Lab! It boiled. May be enough?

There I think it will be seen that there is a line thatshows how much the project has earned. In the case when the project earns well, then it is immediately closed! And naive "Investors" then begin to say that there are risks everywhere! No, what does the risk have to do with it? You have to think with your head when you enter such projects! and there are a lot of them!
I myself could launch a project of such a plan (and easily, even the script is good), but my conscience does not allow me to launch it.
Why did I write such a post? I'll explain now!
HYIP projects have reached Smart-Lab! It boiled. May be enough?

Pavel Isaev does not know anything at all and does not understandin investing, moreover, it harms the science of investing! Because of such people, novice Investors then say: Investing? oh well, it's all a scam!
Of course, many go into such supposedly projects, but do not touch people who want to learn how to invest in real life! Sit in your HYIPs yourself and do not write such comments to the guys in Smart-Lab in the comments!
Sorry that it is very emotional, but it really boiled! How long can you advertise this slag?
Then I will write down a separate vidos on this topic, there are a lot of tasty things to discuss on HYIPs.
Once again I apologize for the emotions! Thanks for attention.