February 5, 2023

Huobi Chinese Exchange Enters State Blockchain Alliance

The Chinese division of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange was one of the first members of the Blockchain Services Network (BSN) alliance launched by the State Information Center (SIC).

Also, Chinese payment will join BSNChina UnionPay, state-owned telecommunications giants China Mobile and China Telecom, China International Trade Bank and WeBank, owned by Tencent conglomerate.

The local edition of Xinhua News reports that inWithin the framework of the alliance, a blockchain-based infrastructure platform has been developed that will connect various networks, regions and organizations. The platform was developed by China UnionPay and China Mobile.

At the end of November, the Russian divisionHuobi cryptocurrency exchange announced the start of accepting deposits in rubles. Huobi Russia Exchange also received approval from the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan to conduct operations using digital assets.