September 23, 2023

Humor: Analysts Concerned About Dollar Volatility

The so-called “US Dollar” is a currency created by a group of revolutionary enthusiasts after the overthrow The British Crown’s legitimate authority in some parts of North America nearly doubled in price in just 24 hours.</strong>

This is extremely volatile and not backed by anyWith real assets, the currency, which for some reason has recently become quite widespread around the world, has suddenly grown to a value in bitcoins that has not been observed since the end of November.

Admire this unstable rate chartcurrency - is it not immediately obvious to any reasonable investor that a bubble is formed that is not based on any fundamental value, or even worse - a financial pyramid!

In recent days, this one is known for its sharp andWith dangerous fluctuations, the currency suddenly soared up in relation to bitcoin, causing noticeable shocks in the largest world currency markets in Japan, Slovenia and China. At the peak of this inexplicable take-off for the US dollar, they gave as much as 0.00182 bitcoins - we have not seen such a price per unit of this pseudo-currency since November 25, 2013.

The dollar, or “bucks,” as it is sometimes affectionatelycalled frenzied fans, remains a highly controversial and controversial phenomenon. His critics point out significant and fundamental flaws, for example, the fact that this non-digital currency, oddly enough, is printed in unlimited, and ever-increasing quantities. Also, instead of a reliable and well-known cryptographic algorithm, the volume of its production for some reason is regulated by a secret group of so-called “central bankers” that are not accountable to anyone. Finally, we all know that this particular currency is widely used around the world for criminal activity, and dollar cash is completely anonymous, which probably causes increased concern for law enforcement agencies.

This is not the first time that suchrapid growth in the value of this volatile and controversial currency. So, on April 10 of this year, the “buck” grew by more than 60% in relation to bitcoin in just one day! However, these quick rises are very misleading: after each such sharp rise, which cause fair associations with the “bubble”, this currency then constantly depreciates, losing an average of 90% of the value per year in relation to bitcoin.

Experts do not recommend any long-terminvestments in the “US dollar”, because this unreliable currency is constantly losing value in the inexorable process of “inflation” - and this has been going on for 227 years in a row!

: coinion