December 4, 2020

Huawei introduced the first smartphone with support for the digital yuan

The Mate 40 is designed to work with the new currency of the People's Bank of China at the hardware level.Device will allow you to conduct operations with it without a connection to the mobile network or the Internet.

The first smartphone with a built-in wallet for storing digital yuan was introduced by Huawei.At a press conference, The CEO ofHuawei for Consumer Products, Yu Chengdong, said that the Mate 40 model allowsto conduct transactions with the new currency of nbc without a connection to the mobile network or the Internet, writesThe Block.

It's unclear if the smartphone can directly convert fiat money into a digital yuan in a built-in wallet.But it is known that the new currency will also be available with separate physical hardware for storage.

Earlier, NBK Chairman Yi Gang called for acceleratingrelease of the digital yuan. The head of the regulator stressed that the new currency will play an important role in the development of the country's economy, increase the security of retail payments, make them more convenient and efficient.

In October, the digital yuan was tested.50 thousand residents of the country received a new currency free of charge, which was to be spent by October 18.During the week, users spent 88% of the amount handed out, some participants bought another 900,000.(approximately $134 thousand).