December 1, 2022

HTC has released the Exodus 1S blockchain smartphone with the ability to launch a full Bitcoin node

Taiwanese electronics maker HTC has released a new generation of blockchain smartphone Exodus 1S, in which Bitcoin full node launch feature is available.

The device was presented on Saturday at the Lightning Conference in Berlin. The company said that the new product is the first smartphone on which to run the full Bitcoin node.

“Complete nodes are the most important componentthe sustainability of the Bitcoin network, and we are opening up the possibility for anyone to manage their own node, ”said Phil Chen, CEO of decentralization, HTC.

The new smartphone went on sale at a price of € 219Euro ($ 244), which is about a third of the cost of the previous generation Exodus 1. HTC opened sales at a conference in Berlin through the Lightning payment network.

The device enables usersinstall a 400 GB SD card, which allows the smartphone to handle the processing of a large amount of data necessary to store the full Bitcoin registry. The current blockchain size is 250 GB.

The company recommends users to connect toWi-Fi and to the charger when working with a full host. The smartphone also has a built-in hardware wallet for the safe storage of cryptocurrencies. By default, the smartphone comes with 4 GB of RAM and 63 GB of memory and runs on Android Oreo 8.1

“We provide tools for access to universal basic financing and functions that allow us to be our own banker,” Chen said.

The smartphone will be available in 27 countries in Europe and the Middle East, including Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Currently, a blockchain smartphone is not planned for sale in the United States.

HTC Exodus Added Support In SeptemberBitcoin Cash, and in May, the option of swaps between cryptocurrencies was also added. Previously, there was information that a decentralized Brave browser will be installed in the Exodus blockchain smartphone.