September 25, 2023

How to teach a pensioner to earn a pension on Bitcoin

I have in my friends a gray cardinal of Dnepropetrovsk of Jewish nationality. The jeep is thicker and more significant than he himself behind the wheel. So, for the last two years, he began to constantly tease me about whether I became a millionaire trading in bitcoin. And here there is one subtlety: you can trust the instrument as a person, but you can not. Well, that’s not suitable for predictable trading, for example, the pound / yen (the dollar / yen, on the contrary, is a more sane pair). Yes, the same trick, why I did not trade bitcoin while he was doing X.

What I haven’t been doing for the last two years: I traded in stocks, but with Forex brokers, I gave good forecasts for the same cue ball -

But then I found a good broker who givesthe leverage on bitcoin is 1: 100, and somehow quietly began to trade with my favorite gold, I tried the same pound / yen and pound / franc and ... bitcoin with the same broker. Wow, I look, I make 2-3 dollars on one instrument per day, and doubling the depot in a week on cue ball.

Hooked. I found one pastor from the Dnieper. Sane, good-natured, but trying to drag me into some Singaporean sect. I turned over a friend, teaching him to work on his simplified Forex trading system. And this example was the reason why I decided to advertise in all Dnipro newspapers: “I will teach everyone to profitably trade in bitcoin” and, first of all, pensioners.

Prior to this, the First All-Russian Channel (ORT) threw an advertisement asking pensioners: “What do you do as soon as you wake up?” ““ I look out the window, ”was the answer.

Wow, but I know what pensioners can do if there is an extra $ 100!

And I think that those who want to make $ 100 out of $ 500 per month will be not only among old people.

Think, here is a blind pensioner in front of you,who does not even know how to turn on the laptop and does not know what the Internet is. But I courageously decided to take on the great role of the Teacher and teach anyone who wants to work on their own money, but according to my own methodology.

The first to disappoint me was the son of my wife (step-mother). “You,” he says, “no one will believe. See how many similar ads are on Facebook. And everyone perfectly understands that this is a hoax. ”

Guys, and I don’t sit in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, or Facebook, so my soul is crystal clear from fraud and deception.

But however a month passes, electronic versionslocal newspaper ads mean read. I walk along the icy streets, glue ads on poles. But there is a paradox: there is not a single interested call. Today at OLX, Paul asks: “Well, and how are you doing? Are people interested? ” I answer: “The people are dragging money to the Selenga Trading House and the Roy Club. Giving yourself milk and eating is easier than making money with your own mind. ”

And the last on this topic. They advised me a new program of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, Mr. Filatov, "Third University", where all pensioners at the University. Nobel is trained in computer skills and even taught to earn money on the Internet. I found this university to offer my services in the field of population education, but after the reviews of who goes there and what they teach there, I realized that it would be better if I watched historical films about LCHI on Smart-Lab and studied hard to work on the American stock market, otherwise I can’t set up TWS. Everything must be taught.
How to teach a pensioner to earn a pension on Bitcoin