December 4, 2021

How to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency without leaving home: instructions for beginners

The main reason for buying cryptocurrencies is the desire to get fast and high profitability. But cryptocurrencies are not only an investment, but also a convenient payment instrument. Let's take a look at how digital assets can be used to make everyday purchases on the Internet.

Bitcoin, the main and first cryptocurrency, wasdesigned as a peer-to-peer money system. As conceived by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was supposed to revolutionize the financial sector. With the help of this virtual currency, users can easily transfer money to each other bypassing the usual banks and payment systems with their high commissions.

But interest in bitcoin played a cruel joke:demand provoked a sharp rise in the rate, and bitcoin gained a reputation not so much as a payment instrument, but as an investment instrument that brings its owner multiple profits in a matter of months.

However, the more users accesscryptocurrencies, the more often the question arises: how can bitcoins be used in addition to investments? The answer is that you can spend it in the same way as usual money in a bank account, buy goods and services, book hotels, buy real estate or cars.

Cryptocurrency payments can be madedirectly between the wallets of the buyer and the seller, or use special payment instruments such as crypto processing services or prepaid crypto cards.

Direct transactions from the wallet

After explosive growth in 2017, Bitcoin becamethe symbol of dolce vita: expensive sports cars, luxurious parties and, of course, luxury real estate. More and more often, in the ads for the sale of mansions and villas, there is a clarification: "Cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment."


Bitcoin and other digital assets are the bestsuitable for large purchases. If bank payments are subject to commissions, the amount of which depends on the amount of money sent, then in cryptocurrency networks a transaction of $ 100 and $ 100 million costs the same for the sender. Equally cheap: for example, in September 2021, transactions worth $ 2 billion cost the user less than $ 1, and the average commission for any transaction is now slightly more than $ 2.5.

“Miami is becoming a real city of the future.We are confident that in the future half of the world's billionaires will be cryptocurrency billionaires, ”said Alex Sapir, Chairman of Sapir Real Estate Corporation. A subsidiary of Sapir has developed a plan for a luxury apartment complex, of which a photograph and an advertisement for sale are shown above.

To make a transfer in cryptocurrency,the user needs to log into his wallet, enter the address of the recipient wallet, set the amount of coins to be sent and the commission that the sender is willing to pay for the execution of this transaction.

Attention! You need to check the status before shipmentBitcoin network mempool. Mempool is a collection of all transactions awaiting confirmation on the network. Transactions with higher fees are carried out first. Thus, the sender should first find out how much the transaction costs on average and how long it will take to complete it. Information about the state of the mempool and the average cost of transactions with low or high priority is available on analytical sites.


  • High speed compared to bank payment.
  • No multi-day delays in transactions in the case of a cross-border transaction.
  • Transactions are not subject to blocking.
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality.


  • Lack of automatic conversion and the need to determine the amount of coins to be sent independently or after negotiations with the seller.
  • Favorable commission in case of a large transaction, and in case of microtransactions for a couple of tens of dollars, the profit is lost.

Crypto processing services

Buying a property is definitely one of thethe most pleasant and memorable acquisitions in life, but these are one-time transactions. Much more often we are faced with routine purchases, the cost of which is estimated at a couple of tens or hundreds of dollars. Cryptocurrencies are also convenient for such routine payments if the seller of goods or services uses a crypto processing service - a special solution for processing payments in cryptocurrencies.

Pros of using a crypto processing serviceFor sellers, the following are obvious: expansion of the range of payment instruments, increased reach of potential buyers due to the cross-border nature of cryptocurrencies, low commission for making payments compared to the offers of acquiring banks, especially when it comes to betting or iGaming platforms (1% versus 15%).

For the buyers themselves, crypto processingservices are as convenient as regular online payments using bank cards. The plugin built into the seller's website automatically converts the cost of the product or service into the selected cryptocurrency and generates a unique address to which the transaction must be performed. Since the cost of cryptocurrencies is constantly fluctuating, the user is given up to 15-30 minutes to complete the transfer.

: ALFAcoins

“Bitcoin is, first of all, moneya tool, a means for performing any transactions, from multi-million dollar transactions to buying coffee in a store and ordering air tickets on the airline's website. Crypto processing services only help merchants start accepting payments in cryptocurrency in a way that is convenient for them and their customers. This is the infrastructure that is needed for the massive distribution of cryptocurrencies in the world, ”says Nikita Soshnikov, director of the ALFAcoins crypto processing service.


  • The ability to use cryptocurrencies for regular purchases on the Internet.
  • Favorable exchange rate calculated in real time.
  • Convenient user-friendly interface of the payment plugin.
  • High level of transaction privacy.


  • Acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment must be implemented by the seller on his website.

Prepaid Crypto Cards

Although cryptocurrencies are inherently uniquesoftware code that exists exclusively in digital form can be paid with cryptocurrencies not only on the Internet, but also at physical points of sale - ordinary supermarkets near the house or restaurants. For these purposes, there are so-called cryptocurrency cards - analogs of bank debit cards, which can be replenished using one or more cryptocurrencies.

The most popular crypto card issuers in the worldcompanies such as BitPay, Wirex or are advocating. Since they are not banks themselves, in order to carry out the issue, they entered into agreements with financial institutions that are official partners of the VISA or MasterCard payment systems.


When replenishing the account, cryptocurrencies are convertedinto one of the fiat currencies. Usually, these are US dollars or euros. Thus, crypto cards are ordinary prepaid debit cards, whose difference from bank counterparts is that cryptocurrencies are used when replenishing an account. Crypto cards are also subject to certain restrictions on the volume of withdrawals and replenishments of accounts. These transactions are also subject to a commission - usually from 1% to 3%. Because of these limits and additional fees, crypto cards are more suitable for small everyday expenses and for those who receive a salary in cryptocurrencies. There are also regional restrictions: for example, now most of the issuers of crypto cards do not work with residents of the CIS countries.


  • Ability to replenish familiar VISA and MasterCard cards without complex manipulations with cryptocurrencies.
  • The ability to spend cryptocurrencies in physical stores, supermarkets and cafes.


  • Limit of replenishment, withdrawal, expenses.
  • Commissions for deposits, withdrawals and payments using crypto cards.
  • Inaccessibility of crypto cards to residents of the CIS countries.
  • Dependence of the issuer of the crypto card on partnership with a financial institution - a member of the VISA or MasterCard payment system network.
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