December 5, 2022

How to invest if there is no money? / Where to invest a small Amount?

Today we will talk on a hot topic: Is it worth investing if you have very little money? Where can invest a small amount with minimal risk? How not to lose a deposit? Let's find out in this conversational video.

In this video:
00:04 How to start investing if there is little or no money?
00:28 And what is “little money” or “no money”?
02:54 You don't have money? Or do you think you don't have them?
04:54 What does Google say about "How to invest when there is no money"?
08:20 The first and most important question to ask yourself
11:30 Saved = Earned
13:45 Invest with minimal or no risk. Like this?
15:52 So where to invest a small amount of money?
19:09 The speculative part of the account is only 10%. This is clear?
23:43 Conclusions and current ideas

Good luck in trading and investing!

Author: Vitaly Sergienko, investor, trader with over 15 years of experience.