March 21, 2023

How to Earn Bitcoins?

This article will reveal to you the main ways to earn cryptocurrency in normal volumes, even those that would allow you to fully support yourself oncryptocurrency and refuse to partially work in fiat-oriented industries. The author considers the most obvious and not obvious ways to earn bitcoins, analyzes the current state of this labor market and expects to see constructive opinions in the comments.

We hope you find valuable for yourself and yournative information. Feel free to give a link to this article to everyone who looks at you with square-triangular eyes every time you start broadcasting about Bitcoin's Judgment Day, the Coming of the Prophet Nakamoto, and other sectarian heresies. The article is intended for a wide range of readers with an open mind. Let's get started!

Earnings Bitcoin on the sale of goods and services

Now you can sell what you make yourself, for bitcoins around the world. I once wrote a rather funny article about guys who sell horse shit for bitcoins. If you have a rare, very high-quality, interesting product for the public, placing a couple of ads and registering on a couple of forums will not be difficult for you. And of course, do not forget about the official website of your company! Also learn effective online marketing strategies and promote your products among an exclusive audience.

There are a number of English-language sites whereBitcoins do not trade the so-called “forbidden things” at all. You will not find there weapons or fake documents, but there are the best food and household goods in the world, you can buy them for bitcoins. Real honey, soap, tooth powder, hot sauce, cosmetics, and even flying drones from global companies are available to customers.

Do you need collectible edged weapons from Japan? Perhaps, electronic equipment and components from the USA at an adequate price? Elite Chinese tea? Everything is! These are just a couple of examples of what can already be ordered by mail. It is scary to think what awaits traditional online stores when cryptocurrency becomes mainstream on the Web and in life.

Where else to sell?

For example, the encrypted Gliph messenger, about which we already writtenhas a built-in completely legal storegoods where any user can put up their crafts for sale. Perhaps you or one of your friends make soft toys, sew exclusive clothes or write music / paintings / software? Do not be afraid to offer this product to a public from all over the world!

Also use the resources of the TOR network. The main currency of this network is Bitcoin (for obvious reasons), but who said that you can only sell weapons or “synthetic urine” there?

Your knitted sweaters or a collection of rare records will surely interest someone! A list of some TOR resources can be found at page in Lurkmoar. You can register both on ours andon foreign resources. Your target audience is no longer limited to one country and search results. We strongly recommend that merchants with very exclusive goods occupy this niche until there is fierce competition. We hope you do not sell products prohibited by the law of your country.

Making Bitcoin Writing Articles / Books / Analyzes

First of all, you value information, but alreadythen - money? If you have exclusive information, you no longer need to run around the physical publications in your native Mukhosransk and offer yourself as an author. All places are already taken there, if you are not a relative of the editor-in-chief, and if you are not occupied, then in this publication you have nothing to do financially.

To immediately get into the fascinating world of Bitcoinjournalism and get real experience, just write to the official e-mail of any site (like Bitnovosti, Bitcoin Magazine, Coinspot, CoinDesk,, etc.) and indicate reasonably compelling reasons to take you as an author to the publication. The degree of credibility of the reasons varies depending on the impudence of the level of publication.

Visiting such online companies is likeattend various Buddhist temples in India, Tibet and China. The conditions will need to be specified each time, for example: what you can write and in what volumes and what not. Editorial policies, the main topics of the publication, additional work (creating "infographics", video and audio, interviews and sensations) are negotiated and / or absent altogether.

You can work both with our Russian-speakingthe press, and with foreign publications. In the first case, you will need a good command of your native language and the skill of simple, interesting writing. In the second - also a good knowledge of English.

But everything is not limited to technical skills, andin such a beautiful wrapper you need to "wrap" the real product. And so that you yourself liked the final version. In addition, your article should be beneficial - cause discussion, provoke people to think, give answers to questions, entertain, console ... Tons of useless content are already on the network, they do not bring real benefits, nobody needs them and work unless in large volumes on selling a commercial product in local mode. You should not plunge into this swamp unless absolutely necessary, and no one will pay you in bitcoins for the time being (and if it does, then not as much as you would like).

You can also write analyzes as a trader or news analyst. Recent pumplight lightcoin by the Chinese showed that monitoring news can stillbe useful for beginners, as many of them got involved in trade thanks to them. Another question - who ultimately got the most profit, and who lost money after falling to the current “bottom” of $ 3?

One way or another, a good analyst could write real hits, backing up his words with operational facts.

Well, the writing of the book. Yes, this is not an easy task, but another thing is surprising: in a conversation with cryptocurrency maniacs you won’t hear anything, but hardly one in ten of them would write it down in a book. In the West, books about Bitcoin are already coming out at a very enviable rate. Literally everything from superstars to little-known but talented authors like Eric Sammonswrite their own books about cryptocurrency. The result in case of success is getting into the tops of online sales. And another tip - write immediately in English, if you can.

Earn Bitcoin on transfers

Everything is the same as with writing articles, butOf course there are some peculiarities. For example, it makes no sense, even as an experienced translator, to take up cryptocurrency topics right away. First you should spend at least a week on a thorough study of the topic. And better - two months.

Turn to an experienced translator, Impgun author, for a few tips.

Bitnovosti: Share the most important trick of the translator?

Impgun: There are no tricks in the work of the translator, thisordinary skill. To understand what the author wanted to say, and it is clear to state it in another language, that’s all. Well, you still need to be able to use dictionaries, Google, several special programs for special occasions ...

Bitnovosti: Tell me more, what kind of programs?

Impgun: Experience is most important, perhaps. A bunch of programs. Only from the category TM (translation memory) there are 10 of them, probably. Trados, Passolo, LocStudio. More details can be found here: Wiki

All these programs are needed for translation on an industrial scale, while an experienced translator uses his knowledge and only occasionally looks into the dictionary.

Bitnovosti: How much can one professional translator earn at maximum load per month?

Impgun: If you can find foreign customers andwork with them directly, then probably 5-6 thousand dollars. I got 3 thousand in the best of times, but for me, free time was always more important. I have not worked for more than 4-5 hours a day. 15-20 dollars per hour is quite realistic to earn.

In general, I believe that the field of translationbends and I do not recommend anyone to climb into it. Learn English - yes! If you translate, it’s better for your blog, website or store. I would not advise anyone to do this professionally. Especially in the CIS. But learning English is a very useful thing. The sooner you do this, the more benefits for all the time will be.

Bitnovosti: What besides programming and languages ​​should a young guy in the CIS learn at the age of 18 to be smart and in demand?

Impgun: We need to focus on Kurser and the likesites. Thanks to them, it is quite possible to follow trends. Because of the speed of change, traditional education has lost all meaning. I came across somewhere infographics that the information needed for real useful work changes every 2 years.

This means that what was studied in the first three courses of the institute becomes obsolete by its graduation.

What to study? Big data (statistics), machine learning, the Internet of things, virtual reality, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, robotics - choose the taste, as they say. Smart contracts and blockchains are, of course. The cryptocurrency economy is only emerging. I think she will give us many more surprises. But first of all, you need to learn English. Otherwise, man is trite cut off from most of the world.

Bitnovosti: Tell me, how can I find a good customer for transfers that are not paid for by bitcoins?

Impgun: On the forum, eg. Or

Bitnovosti: What do you think about selling all sorts of goods for bitcoins? And about the tip system for authors of articles and books, does all this have a future?

Impgun: I support settlements in any cryptocurrencies. As for the authors, there are enough options: crowdfunding, patronage (for example,

Earn Bitcoin Contests

A number of sites that deal with cryptocurrency affairs hold contests with fairly impressive prizes. For example, right now, the forum is hosting contest for "the coolest post on the forum"organized by Roger Ver. For the coolest post on the entire forum, Ver offers:

1. 4 BTC or $ 1,000 in bitcoin, depending on what will be more expensive at the time of payment

2. Trezor

3. Bit-X debit card

4. T-shirt

The competition will be held untilThe forum does not register 10,000 users. It will also end if on January 1, 2016 the forum will have at least 5,000 users. After the end, a topic will be created where, within two weeks, users registered before the end of the contest will vote for their favorite post on the entire forum.

Agree, a pretty good prize for onefast. The main thing is to know English! But even if you do not know him, nothing prevents you from declaring yourself in other ways or participating in similar competitions in the Russian segment of the network. For example, onion site Runion regularly holds contests for the best cognitive texts. Each month, a lucky author gets 0.2 BTC for an article that is really useful to the community. also has contests with prizes. on our pages in social networks (a series of icons at the top right of the page), follow the announcements and you will also have a chance to participate.

Earn Bitcoin on the Exchange

The most obvious way to make money on course fluctuations. Experienced crypto traders discuss cryptocurrency rates, share their insider and analysis in the “Course” section of our website.

Crypto exchanges are divided into those where you can tradeanonymously, and those that require personal data. Among the first are the BTC-E and Bitfinex exchanges, the largest exchange in the second category is Bitstamp. There are several other exchanges, you can trade on them, but check the terms of trade. The list of leading exchanges can always be viewed here, eg.

This type of earnings is not available to everyone, but only to those who have an impressive amount of money, which is not a pity to partially lose.

With some caution, you can tradequite successfully. In general, the author of the article for his very modest practice of bidding had only a couple of moments when he lost money. Most of the deals were, to say the least, successful! And this is even if you do not really delve into cryptocurrency news, as I was too busy writing them to read.

Earn Bitcoin on binary options

This is a very rare practice, however, on the Internetin a fairly narrow circle, the so-called binary options are common. You simply place bets on certain events, for example, on the rise or fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate. This dish is recommended only for experienced traders or at least not for beginners.

I know so far only one place where 100% honestrates and everything is paid: UTBS.WS (Ukrainian exchange service and more). If you still know places where you can safely trade binary options, write in the comments.

Earn Bitcoin in casinos, games, etc.

Do you rely partly on luck and partly on your skills? Good players, of which there are very few, will be able to earn by playing in a casino or poker online. And if your friend is a PokerStars star, can you tell him about bitcoin. If you know sites where you can play safely, write in the comments.

What about the games? Some game developers have already begun embedding bitcoin prizes in their Android and iOS games! Of course, you can’t earn a lot of money here, but if you like to miss trips on a minibus or train for Zuma on a tablet, why not do it for small rewards?

Write your ideas and thoughts in the comments, share your experience. Glory to Decentralization!