June 15, 2021

How to buy Arabic Cash? How is the Private Sale held?

How to buy Arabic Cash? How is the Private Sale held?

A month has passed since the announcement of the Private Sale of ABIC tokens of a promising DeFi project straight from Emirates - Arabic Cash. We found a way to contact the development team through the official channels of the project and asked about the details that interested us primarily as investors.

How is the Second Closed Bidding Round?

Now the project is in the Second Round of PrivateSale. And judging by the statements on the official Arabic Cash channels, there are more and more early investors every day, and the absolute majority unquestioningly believe in the further development of the project. According to an internal survey by Arabic Cash, 97% of early investors are ready to hold the ABIC token for a long time: 56% - for at least six months, 41% - for more than a year, keeping funds in staking at 35.6% per annum.

How to buy Arabic Cash? How is the Private Sale held?

These are very good indicators for a token in the earlystages of development, because the pool of liquidity will not merge at the first price increase. In simple terms, early investors have the opportunity to purchase an ABIC token at the lowest possible price. As soon as the project enters the Public Trading and is listed on the first exchanges, the price of the token can automatically grow several times. Therefore, it is very important that early investors do not be tempted by the minimum profit and do not drain all the liquidity. But the Arabic Cash statistics show a lot of confidence in early investors.

In addition, the project works as openly as possible,without limiting your community in any way. If in recent years, early birds have been accustomed to planting them in cages, freezing their tokens for six months, and sometimes even for a year, Arabic Cash opens up complete freedom to dispose of tokens. You can exchange ABIC even for a Private Sale, although the real value (display of the price in the wallet) will be received by the token only with access to the Public auction.

How is buying ABIC at Private Sale going?

With the transition to the Second Round, the price of the ABIC tokenincreased from $ 0.05 to $ 0.07, which is 40% growth in 2 weeks. As before, the minimum entry price is $ 1000. And just like before, there is a hardworking bot behind the “eastern token” counter. The purchase takes place in the official Telegram channel Arabic Cash. ABICbot first asks which language is most convenient for you to communicate. It is worth noting a plus in the karma of the team, because few crypto projects immediately focus on both English and Russian - the two most popular languages ​​in the crypto industry. Arabic Cash can speak Russian as well.

Then the bot will pedantically help you set upMetamask software wallet for accepting ABIC tokens. It only takes 5 minutes, but without detailed instructions from an assistant, setting up can seem daunting even for experienced crypto investors. Once installed and configured in Metamask, the ABIC token appears on the home screen on the Binance Smart Chain. Now all that remains is to make the payment.

Since the main swap platform is Arabic Cashwill appear on the network only with the onset of Public Trading, the purchase of ABIC occurs in a semi-automatic mode: the bot provides a choice of BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB addresses, you need to choose the appropriate one and pay for it through an exchange or exchanger. Then just take a screenshot of the successful payment and send it to the bot. The machine records the payment and transfers it to a live manager who verifies the transaction and, if everything is fine, sends a request to the technical department to replenish your Metamask wallet with ABIC tokens. Done! The whole process of setting up and buying took us no more than 20 minutes. 20,000 ABIC = 1,400 USDT

How to buy Arabic Cash? How is the Private Sale held?

Where are the creators of Arabic Cash?

After successfully purchasing ABIC tokens, wetook the opportunity to communicate with a living person of this mysterious project. The managers on the other side of the chat respond fairly quickly and politely. We introduced ourselves and we still managed to get in touch with the project developers through live managers to clarify several details that are very important for investors. Naturally, first of all we asked about the creators - why are they nowhere to be seen? To which we received a rather succinct answer:

First, the initiators of the project are a largereal estate company in the Emirates. Cryptocurrency is not their main profile. Since there are still many pitfalls in this digital industry, not only for ordinary investors, but also for the creators of large projects, our Core still reserves the right of anonymity. The decision to create the project was made pretty quickly. Therefore, the initiators themselves need time to weigh this decision, to make sure that there are no negative resonances, in order to correctly introduce Arabic Cash into the legal field. On this occasion, the development team also made a commitment to maintain their incognito status.

Secondly, Arabic Cash is a DeFi project!The very meaning of Defi is that it is the community that manages all liquidity by replenishing or exchanging funds for another token, including the ABIC token. You do not need a legal entity for this. Ask a legal entity from BakerySwap, BaoFinance or SushiSwap! And these projects have collected tens of millions of monetization in six months.

Our task is to promote the project so that we ourselvespeople became liquidity providers (token investments). When the point of no return is behind (Private Sale), the community itself is already forming the price of the token and the vector of the project's development. In a simple way, you need to launch this rocket into space, then it will fly itself in orbit.

Yes, now we are facing difficulties with marketing -large media are not always ready to trust a project without a public team. We understand this and we are not worried about this, since the Private Sale is organized solely for the greater popularization of the new Arabic Cash cryptocurrency - the primary pool of liquidity for entering the Public Trading will be provided to a greater extent by the initiators of the project. "

To find out more about the project, go to the official Arabic Cash group on Telegram.