May 15, 2021

How Student Coin is Changing Education

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How Student Coin is Changing Education

The field of education is rightfully considered the brain of society. This is because ideas are first born in academic settings and then developed into practical concepts or products.

Many different industries have already integratedblockchain for data processing, cheap international transactions and more security. However, the education industry is in no rush to implement blockchain. There are only a couple of universities that offer courses in cryptocurrencies.

New blockchain platform Student Coin, whichsimplifies student access to blockchain, is about to revolutionize the academic sector. For example, with the help of the tokenization function, students and educational organizations will be able to conduct fundraising.

Blockchain project born at the university

The Student Coin idea appeared at Warsaw Kozminski University in 2018. One of the student clubs decided to create their own reward token.

The initial success of the project sparked the interest of other scientists, and in 2019, the Student Coin project published its roadmap.

Student Coin is one of the fastest growing blockchain platforms in the world with over 9,000 members in over 300 schools.

Student Coin CEO Wojciech Podobas has vast experience in the cryptocurrency field. The development team consists of renowned professors, students and entrepreneurs.

Unique ecosystem and STC token

Student Coin is a thoughtful project thatallows anyone to access blockchain technology. It offers an educational program through which students can become familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The curriculum is divided into 4 “semesters”.

The main function of Student Coin is tokenization.The platform provides all the features to make this process as easy as possible. Anyone can create tokens using the STC terminal. In the future, the terminal is expected to start supporting all forms of token, including NFT and personal tokens.

Suppose a student organization wantsraise funds for the construction of a new building. They can create their own coin and list it on the STC exchange. The student's coin will be traded on the exchange in pairs with other cryptocurrencies, and thus the creators will start earning, without having to pay commissions or go through lengthy procedures of centralized exchangers.

Those who purchased have invested in the student token,will begin to make a profit after the hull is completed and the organization begins to repay the loan. Student Coin creates an ecosystem where students and organizations can easily access funds.

Surge of interest in STC

Given these features, it should come as no surprise that the demand forStudent Coin only grows over time. The ICO stage ended extremely successfully - the team raised $ 21 million in 60 days. It was assumed that this amount would be collected in 3 months.

Since then, investors have continued to buy STC and have alreadyinvested more than $ 50 million. Student Coin implements a unique ICO system divided into phases. Each phase has a target amount and after each phase the STC price increases by 1%.

There are many ways to buy an STC token, but the easiest one is to participate in one of the ICO phases. Tokens can also be bought on Uniswap and Cointiger.

In May, the team plans to list STCs on P2PB2B, ProBit, and Coinsbit exchanges. In addition, the developers are working on mobile apps for Android and iOS, which will be released in April.

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