June 19, 2024

How much can you earn on trading to a novice investor. Part 85. Trading (continued)

How much can you earn on trading to a novice investor. Part 85. Trading (continued)

We continue the series of publications about trading in order to understand in practice how much you can earnnovice investor using only forecastspublished on our website. To understand how useful they are, we decided to conduct an experiment and simulate a situation in which a person who knows about trading only what you need to “buy cheaper and sell more expensive”, tries to get additional income in his spare time by investing part of his money in cryptocurrency trading

Since our last trading posttwo weeks have passed, but the price of Litecoin has not risen to the target level of bulls, which is in the area of ​​78.6% fibo (59.31 USD). On Monday at the Binance exchange, the LTC price came close to this level, setting a maximum at 58.65 USDT.

How much can you earn on trading to a novice investor. Part 85. Trading (continued)

Yesterday, the pair rolled back to the hourly EMA55 and consolidated in a narrow range all night.According to ForkNews, there is a possibility that buyers will be able to take advantage of the support of the average price level today to test the target level. 

Now we’ll tell you about the changes in our trading plan that have affected the entry level to a long position.

On September 26, we closely monitored the LTC price pullback, which should have resulted in the execution of our order to buy 1 LTC at 50.00 USDT.However, the price marked a low at 50.30 USDT and began to rise rapidly.Our order was not executed, but we did not want to miss the opportunity to enter the market on a decline.Therefore, we decided to increase the order amount to 3 LTC and buy at the market value.The purchase price turned out to be, on average, 52.00 USDT. 

Thus, we were able to jump on the departing train, which has been carrying for the second weekus somewhere to the northeast. 

P.S. While we were preparing an article for publication, an order to sell 3 LTC at the rate of 59.00 USDT has already been fulfilled and now we can be content with such a long-awaited profit of about twenty US dollars.