February 1, 2023

How I was thrown on FreeBitco.in

Many people remember how I downloaded Satoshi from the FreeBitco.in crane. Almost a year shook. I scored 0.35 bitcoin there. And in one wonderful moment I stopped openingcrane. That is, I didn’t have the opportunity to enter there, as I was typing “password” incorrect. I am here and here. I have a password in my notebook. I began to write to them. They are silent.
On the blockchain, he explained to me the right kid at the conference: so many cranes do, they throw stinkers. Change one password and cookie in the password.
Well, nobody in the world can be trusted anymore. Well, no one !!! These narrow-eyed eyes cannot, with bulging eyes also cannot be trusted.
Therefore, boys - send us all free rocking money. I have killed so much life time. And he could have done something useful! For example, a bench in the country or birdhouses.

Who wants to help me lay the table by the New Year - send donations to Yandex money
Link: money.yandex.ru/to/410014495395793
or to the sber card: 639002389046143558
I will be glad to any penny and thank you in advance!

Yours is the same
S. Hamster