September 25, 2023

How I paid for the usual services and online purchases in "unfriendly countries"

with a virtual prepaid card in the USA and the European Union - without traveling abroad, without personal identification and without extraneous muddy "helped".

Neobanks and payment services with virtuala lot of cards. Most of them are focused on the European Union or the United States. All of them involve verification of identity and place of residence (at least minimal: through a local mobile and, for example, a utility bill). And all of them, even those who issued virtual cards to Russians, closed this possibility in March. At least I didn't find working options.

What I found.If we put aside all the services that have already blocked access to residents of the Russian Federation and the newly formed unclear "helpers", then two or three companies can be singled out. I would say two - two and a half:

  • Ezzocard (main topic of the article),
  • PayWithMoon, Bankoff (bonus at the end of the article, links there).

Who knows other proven working options, share in the comments.


Ezzocard virtual prepaid cardsissued by US and Canadian banks and serviced by Visa or Mastercard payment systems. Allows you to pay for subscriptions to online services, VPNs and purchases on eBay, Amazon, Walmart and in some other stores.

Accepted in the App Store. However, users specify that Ezzocard cards issued by US banks are only accepted in the US App Store. I myself have not experimented with the App Store yet.

Cards can be registered in any name, including a fictitious one: the service does not check the user's personal data.

Payment methods: BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, USDT and Perfect Money payment system.

The service commission is horse and depends on the face valuecards: cards with a balance of $5 sell for $17 (240% markup), $1000 cards sell for $1151 (~15% markup). But with the unavailability of other adequate options and the usual amounts of payment, for example, for subscriptions, such an overpayment no longer seems fundamental.

Delivery of the card takes place within a fewminutes after 2 transaction confirmations (for BTC). You don't even have to specify an email address - just don't close the tab after payment, it is updated automatically.

If you transfer from the exchange or have prescribed a small commission, and the waiting time for the service will go out before the payment arrives, do not worry and write to support - on the website or on [email protected]. Briefly describe the problem, transaction ID (with 2+ confirmations for BTC), and you will be sent card details. Support during business hours (North American daytime) responds promptly.

Six types of cards are offered, with a face value of $5up to $5000 (but usually available up to $1000). All types have different conditions: validity period, card currency (USD or Canadian dollar), payment currencies (only USD or any), in which countries you can pay, the possibility of offline payment, the need for registration, the monthly commission, the brand of the payment system, etc. n. Therefore Read the terms and conditions carefully and follow the instructions.

On the Ezzocard website, you can check the balance of the card andoperations on it. Follow the recommendations and use the IP of the respective country (USA or Canada), just like when registering cards (details below). VPN to help you.

None of the cards can be replenished after purchase. You can't withdraw cash from an ATM either. Unused card balance expires upon expiration.

I plan to experiment withreplenishment of exchange accounts in USD from Ezzocard (it is doubtful, but why not try) or with the purchase of a crypt - this way it would be possible to withdraw the balance - but so far I have not had time. According to the results of the experiments, if there is something to add, I will update the material.

Refunds from sellers to Ezzocard cards are credited, unless the card expired earlier.

A refund from Ezzocard for a purchased card is possible in the amount of 95% of its face value only if the card has not been used. See service FAQ.

Registration of cards

As already mentioned, some cards require registration. It is important. If you try to use such a card before registration, it may be blocked. Therefore, once again: carefully read the terms and conditions and follow the recommendations.

The process of registering a card is simple, private and completely fearless. Need:

  • Use corresponding country IP: USA for Orange and walmart cards, USA or Canada for brown card (in CAD). VPN help.
  • Enter any name in Latin.
  • Use only a real billing address in the respective country. I generated an address on (see section Geography). For simplicity, here are the links for the US and for Canada. Before use, you can check the reality of the address on the cards.
    • You can just poke your finger at the map, but you will also need a real ZIP code.
  • I would save the entered data just in case.



An alternative and possibly more profitable service for buying prepaid Visa/Mastercard with cryptocurrencies.

  • Initial deposit from Coinbase account or via Lightning Network;
  • Replenishment of the balance of the issued prepaid card is not available;
  • The virtual card is valid for 60 days from the date of issue;
  • When paying, you need to use the name corresponding to your PayWithMoon account;
  • Any billing address can be specified;
  • The card balance cannot exceed $1000;
  • Payment limits: $10,000 per 24h (yes, ten iterations of deposits and spending $1,000), $50,000 per calendar month;
  • The balance on the card when it is removed is credited to the balance in the service. It can be used to purchase a new prepaid card;
  • Funds cannot be withdrawn to other accounts, only used for purchases.
    • There is only one withdrawal option: remove the card and receive the balance on the balance in the service.


  • Judging by the information on the service website, these cards are suitable for paying to services and merchants only in the USA and with some restrictions.

I don’t want such a restriction, so I haven’t tried the service yet.

You can read more about the terms and conditions in the FAQ and Terms & Conditions sections.

bank off

The cards are serviced by Visa and Stripe payment systems.

It is necessary to pass identification with a passport, driver's license or ID in English. All processes - identification, card opening, replenishment, etc. - occur through chat bots.

Issuing a card is free, but for transfers the commission is 4%, for currency conversion - 2.3%.

You can top up the card in USDT without a service fee.

Bankoff cards can reportedly be used with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.


According to users, crediting funds and processing payments is now very slow, up to a week or more. There are even accusations of fraud.

If I understand correctly from the outside, the accusationsrather erroneous (so far) and in fact the guys just can't cope. But for me, this combination of the mechanism of work and information about huge delays in crediting money looks unequivocally unacceptable. So I refrained from trying.

You watch and decide for yourself. Details can be found on the project website.

If someone used, write about your experience in the comments.

Author: vargoz

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