December 9, 2022

How Metaverse and Web3 complement one another?

How Metaverse and Web3 complement one another?

“Metaverse” and “Web3” have become popular buzzwords following the blockchain boom in 2021.

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After that, as a reminder of the past fate, the companyFacebook changed its name to Meta, the concept of these two words continues to be discussed, giving respect to those who do not work in the blockchain industry. Prote richly hto zbentezheny tim, which means a skin word. I dehto vvazha, that these two words are interchangeable.

Regardless of those who are meta-universal and Web3 maydeep links one by one, concepts that lie at the basis of the skin, dose difference. In this article, we can see the nature of these stosunkiv and dії, like shaping the gravity of the industry, to unite them.

What is Web3?

Any discussion about Web3 is not to be started without acknowledgment of what is Web1 and Web2.

If in 1989 the British Computer ScienceTim Berners-Lee, having carried out the innovation at the All-World Wide Web (WWW), broadened the idea that the Internet will take over the Web1 phase - a period, if the Internet is small, I can look at the greatness together through the website-portals. This period was marked by the fact that the koristuvachs rotted away, whether it be accessible, with a marginal ability to create any authoritative content. Web1 is often viewed as a less readable period on the Internet.

In 2005, great technological firms appeared,just like Facebook – companies that actively take care of the growing expanse of social networks. Tsey r_k having marked the beginning of the Web2 phase, eri, if the koristuvachs could independently work together on the vіdmіnu during the previous period. A lot of spitting people showed up under the hour of Web2, which from now on became a feast like a period of reading that record.

However, the nature of the read-write does notworked in the best interests of the koristuvachіv merezhі, shards of the rule of power in the place of the still significant world are being established by such platforms as Facebook and Twitter. I want to take away the great profits from the monetization of information and the content created by the hackers, most of the users play a little, unimportant on their contributions. The current era, in a way that is practicable, is overflowing with the significant world “in style” of Web2.

Swedish development of blockchain technology in the restRocky gave rise to the concept of Web3, which is the era of decentralization, increased power and greater corrosiveness for coristuvachiv, especially the need for spheres of power to replace the coristuvachiv themselves.

Wishing to be clear Web3 is not installed yet,The shards of this concept are still in the nascent stage, the pace of growth of such technologies as DeFi, NFT, GameFi and DAO, supporting the future of Web3.

To put it simply, Web1 means "only for reading"; Web2 representations of a read-to-write dimension; And already Web3 means the “read-write-power” measure.

What is Metaverse?

The word "metavsesvit" appeared insci-fi novel 1992 rock "Snow Crash" written by Neil Stevenson, as a metaphor for "meta" and "all-world". The development of the meta-university is often associated with the development of virtual reality technologies through the growth of the meta-cosmos to the point of total boredom.

In other words, meta-everything is ce trivimirnyvirtual world, which is formed from the power of the social economy and the social system, de coristuvachs can take away the insipid information, virtually zooming in on others or buying virtual assets.

On the vіdmіnu vіd Web3, metavsesvіt — tse conceptof a virtual society, like zastosovu rich decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, to propagate a parallel universe for their coristuvachiv.

Behind the words of Tim Suynі, CEO of Epic Games retailer igor, metavsesvit is a virtual world, where you can take a part, create together and mothers of equal rights, to be diluted with adversities.

Calls for decentralized identifiers (DID)Coristuvachi can freely move between platforms, and the skin person is matimé vlasnіversalni іdnіversalnі іdnіfіkatorі i іnіversаlіnі gamantsі. The most important are those that the meta-university is not controlled and does not belong to the same environment of the company.

Like Web3 and meta-everything connected with each other?

With the help of more advanced concepts, we can develop visnovok, that Web3 means the technological aspect of the future Internet, just like the meta-university is brought to the virtual style of life of the future.

Web3, which is made up of such technologies as blockchain, decentralization, distribution of data bases and peripheral calculations, forms the core, on which the meta-world will be.

And the far-seeing gravity of the galaxy is already pragmatic about the grandeur of majesty, as it propagates the positive synergy of technology and sleepiness.

Suine publicly declaring that, on a yogo thought,metavsesvit gives the opportunity to make a trillion dollar bill. Inspired by the Bloomberg tribute, the flagship product of Epic Games Fortnite has quickly turned into an online space, where people not only get together, but also hold virtual concerts with musicians. In order to develop the development of the meta-world, Fortnite is now competing with such games for the creation of the world, like Minecraft and the same name Roblox Corp.

Let's look at the retailers of Igor, a lot of leading blockchain companies, and they have also come in to help develop the Web3 meta-university.

Huobi Global, a leading light suppliera solution for the exchange of crypto-currencies and the blockchain, helping Web2 cores to make the transition to Web3. For example, in the midst of this fate, the Bizrzha launched the “New Monthly Rick” campaign to encourage koristuvachs to register with DID. Those who have registered have the right to take away the tiger-themed NFT avatars. This campaign vindicates the company's reputation for further development of Web3 and metaworld.

Reconciliation of faith in those that Web3 will become futureInternet, Huobi Global is right in capturing all sorts of opportunities to promote the decentralization of the Internet, and invest in public lanzug projects to secure the infrastructure for Web3.

The development of Web3 and the metacosmos will require greatzusil as from the side of gravitational galuzi, so and koristuvachіv merezhі, and the era of Web3 has not yet fully matured. But one thing was certain for sure - the use of such technologies as blockchain, piece intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality of buildings to improve the virtual space and the Internet like never before. It is our duty to stock up on patience, to be patient, that you will bring us the future.