December 11, 2023

How to choose a reliable cloud mining service that pays?

How to choose a reliable cloud mining service that pays?

Today, we often hear about cryptocurrencies and many would like to have them in their portfolio.If you are one of thenovice crypto investors and want to dive into the specifics of the industry, then think about cloud mining.

Cloud mining

Unlike self-mining,requiring purchases, good cooling and special equipment maintenance, cloud mining boasts a really low entry threshold, minimal risks and costs.

Thanks to cloud mining providers, cryptocurrencies become accessible to everyone, regardless ofMoreover, in order to start mining cryptocurrency through cloud mining,no experience required... And beginners don't need a lot of capital tobecome a member of a highly profitable business. But, as with most online services, you have to pay for cloud mining. Users buy a contract and seek to earn more than it is worth.

The miner's power is measured in hashrate. The higher the hash rate, the more bitcoins the equipment mines over a certain period of time. Mining contracts can be quite expensive, but for the money, you get higher hash rates and more powerful hardware. This will allow your investment to turn into profit much faster. The providers offer different mining contracts at different prices. Therefore, you need to study the history of the company and make sure of its reliability.

Entry-level contracts will cost youat about $ 200 (this is the starting price for most providers). For your money, you will get the lowest hash rate, but the investment period will be short. Such contracts are well suited for people who are just starting to mine cryptocurrencies.

The more expensive plans are usually chosen by people who have already decided that cryptocurrency mining is what they wantThis is a good way to make money on cryptocurrencies, but only if the providerIt is important to work only with those companies that will give awaySo before you sign anything, make sure you learn as much as you can about the company you're contracting with.

How to choose the best cloud mining provider?

We have prepared the most important criteria for choosing a cloud mining provider:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the companyhas been on the market for a long time and has an excellent reputation. You can see reviews by crypto enthusiasts and testimonials from other clients of the company. There are also special forums where you can ask a question regarding any mining center.
  • Employees should be real experts in blockchain technologies.each member of the team, his previous projects and education.
  • It is highly recommended to work only with those companies that work directly with manufacturers of miners and other equipment.Note and the partner-producer.
  • Check out the company's social networks.regularly, and in the comments there are customers, it's a good sign!It is also worth assessing the content itself, if it is professional, it showsboth the company's expertise and its willingness to invest in its positioning.
  • An important criterion is the location of the mining center. Natural conditions and the attitude of the authorities towards mining and cryptocurrencies in general can play a decisive role in choosing a provider.
  • The cost of electricity is no less important. After all, the more efficiently the mining center works, the more profit you will receive as an investor. Therefore, choose companies that have direct agreements with electricity suppliers.

Eligible services

Cloud mining has made cryptocurrencies muchmore accessible to ordinary people. If you exercise due care and research the history of the companies you would like to sign a contract with, you have every chance of earning good passive income.

One of the companies that meets allthe above requirements is ECOS. This is a legal company located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia. Thanks to this, its activities are not taxed. ECOS has an active agreement with the Hrazdan TPP for the supply of up to 200 MW of electricity at a reduced price. Moreover, Hrazdan TPP is a co-founder of the company, eliminating any problems with electricity.

How to choose a reliable cloud mining service that pays?


ECOS miners buy directly from the largest manufacturer of ASICs in the world — Bitmain.Now we are using Antminer S19 Pro with a hashrate of 110 Th/s, which mineYour bitcoins are as efficient as possible.

If you pay attention to the of the company, you can see that the news is published regularly, and the ECOS community in Telegram has almost 5,000 members. Therefore, you can go in and ask for feedback from real customers.

The cost of contracts ranges from $ 125 to$ 2000, so both industry beginners and experienced investors can mine cryptocurrency. Also, ECOS has special welcome contracts from $ 49, and auction contracts start from $ 10!

You can check ECOS yourself according to the criteria that we have indicated above and purchase a contractat a special price.By entering the promo code "WELCOME&#171;, you will receive a monthly bonus contract of 0.5 TH/s, and another 10 TH/s for phone verification. Try it now

How to choose a reliable cloud mining service that pays?


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