June 15, 2021

Hotel Bookings Now Available on Binance

Hotel Bookings Now Available on Binance

Binance дает возможность зарегистрировать и оплатить гостиничный номер прямо на главной страницы приложения в new tab "Hotel".

The new feature invites users to book hotel rooms and pay with cryptocurrency through Binance Pay.

The feature, developed in conjunction with Travala, is currently in beta. A full launch is planned after the end of testing the service.

Travala.com is a cryptocurrency reservation service with 2 million hotels in 230 countries. The service accepts over 28 cryptocurrencies and fiat payments.

Binance Pay is a contactless crypto payment service that supports transactions in 30 cryptoassets.

Binance continues to integrate new cryptocurrency distribution services. Late last month, the company announced the launch of the NFT Marketplace, scheduled for June 2021.

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