June 17, 2024

Hidden mining decreased by 2 times in the last year

Hidden mining decreased by 2 times in the last year

The recently renowned antivirus software development center Kasperskypublished a report on digital skimming (theft of funds from a card using a special device in an ATM) and malware that were used last year and their development this year.

According to the document, some threats have increased,for example, digital skimming, used primarily for cloning credit cards. At the same time, cases of using malware that uses the victim’s hardware to mine cryptocurrencies have been halved compared to the previous year.

According to statistics, in 2018 alone the number of attacksattacks of this type exceeded 5.6 million; today this figure has dropped by more than half, or by 59%, to 2.2 million attacks. The company attributed this to a number of factors, including the development of security tools and antiviruses.

It is worth mentioning that criminals use malware to extract profitable and anonymous assets — In 2018, criminals mostly focused on mining Monero (XMR).

Over time, this asset has lost its value,which is now about $ 50, its price has fallen by 92% compared to a record value, so hackers switched to other types of attacks related to extortion for decrypting ransom files in bitcoins (BTC).

Thus, along with an overall reduction in attacksthey were redistributed into different species. Be sure that scammers are sure to come up with new tools, so stay vigilant and regularly check your computer for viruses.