March 31, 2023

Head of Morgan Creek: Bitcoin deserves to be part of any investor’s portfolio

Embodying innovative technologies, Bitcoin is worthy to become part of the portfolio of any investor. Such Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko expressed his opinion in an interview with TV presenter and founder of Heisenberg Capital Max Kaiser.

At first, Kaiser noted that the inclusion of even 1% BTC would allow investors to significantly increase the profitability of a diversified portfolio over the past five years.

"This is unbelievable- emphasized Yusko. - Take at least 1% of the assets of endowments andnon-profit organizations 5 years ago - this would be $ 6.7 billion from $ 670 billion. We take one percent, half of the shares and half of the bonds, and instead of 7.2% received, you would have left 9.2% or 200 basis points from above. Two percent to 7.2% is good alpha. ”

Nevertheless, Yusko noted that it is impossible to fullyexclude the possibility of a fall in the value of BTC to zero On the other hand, the potential income from investments in the first cryptocurrency significantly exceeds the possible loss.

Earlier, Mark Yusko called Bitcoin the nextrevolutionary technology and the greatest opportunity to create wealth. The head of Morgan Creek also urged market participants to get rid of Amazon's “dead” stocks in favor of a more attractive, in his opinion, investment opportunity.