January 16, 2021

Is Hash Wallet the safest hardware wallet? Cryptocurrency startups KickStarter & Indiegogo

We live in an age of rapid development of digital technologies. And we are no longer surprised by the appearance e-wallets with the abilitycontactless payment at any store. You don't have to go far to find an example - the same QIWI Wallet has a wide range of functionality, up to the issue of physical cards. But what about the owners of cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ethereum. Fortunately, there is a whole galaxy of supporters of the digital revolution in the West who want to protect transactions on the Internet.

You've probably heard of sites likeKickstrater and Indiegogo. Here, dozens of people share their fresh ideas with the world, offering to make it a little better. In our new section, we have collected the most interesting products in the field of cryptocurrencies, which are several years ahead of their time and show what our future can be. Our goal is to help you, dear viewers, get acquainted with the presentations of such projects and draw your own conclusions about their appropriateness.

And today we would like to present you a project undercalled HASHWallet. In short, the idea is a cryptocurrency wallet that looks like a physical smart card. But the key feature of the project is that the owner of the HASHWallet gets full control over their crypto assets and operations without worrying about security.

We invite you to get acquainted with the presentation of the project. Well, you throw a like in advance and let's see what the developers themselves say about this project.