June 6, 2023

Haribo files trademark for NFTs and Metaverses

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Haribo files trademark for NFTs and Metaverses

German confectionery company Haribo Holding, known for its gummy bears, has filed for a trademark related to NFTs and the metaverse.

According to an application filed with the Patent andUnited States Trademark Office (USPTO) April 25, Haribo plans to launch audio and video recordings, as well as other types of multimedia files that are related to the company's confectionery.

Haribo also plans to introduce smart glasses, virtual reality glasses, augmented reality glasses, jewelry, toys, game consoles, arcade machines and clothing.

Haribo, founded in 1920, is one of Germany's largest confectionery companies, with active subsidiaries in over 100 countries, including Europe and the USA.

Recently it became known that Calbee, one of the leading snack manufacturers in Japan, is launching an advertising campaign "Chips-NFT" to distribute collectible tokens on the Astar blockchain.

In April, the owners of the Papa Johns pizzeria chainannounced that they are going to release a collection of non-fungible tokens with images of the three most popular pizzas. The Papa Johns collection will include Super Papa's Pizza, Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza and Vegan Cheese Garden Special Pizza.