September 27, 2023

Hackers withdrew $4.8 million from the ZB cryptocurrency exchange

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Hackers withdrew $4.8 million from the ZB cryptocurrency exchange

Cybersecurity experts from Peckshield reported a possible hack of the ZB decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which claimed to be the most secure in the world.

According to Peckshield experts, hackersmanaged to withdraw digital assets worth about $4.8 million from wallets. At the same time, on August 2, the crypto exchange announced a temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals due to “an unexpected failure of some of the main applications.”

During the suspension, the hackers managed to transfer fromhot wallet of the site for more than 20 tokens. The tokens went to various decentralized exchanges and were sold for 2,224 ETH ($3.6 million). At the same time, assets worth about $1 million still remain on the purse of the attackers.

To date, there has been no confirmation of a hack by ZB representatives.

On the same day, August 2, the
network bridge of the Nomad decentralized finance project. The attackers managed to withdraw assets worth more than $190 million.