June 6, 2023

Hackers withdrew $1.82 million from the decentralized exchange Merlin

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Hackers withdrew $1.82 million from the decentralized exchange Merlin

Hackers managed to hack the recently launched decentralized exchange Merlin on the zkSync solution. As a result of the hack, the attackers were able to withdraw assets worth $1.82 million.

After the hack, the hackers transferred the funds to USDC andtransferred them from the zkSync network to the Ethereum main network. The crypto community has asked Circle, the company behind the USDC stablecoin, to freeze the stolen funds.

Interestingly, the audit of exchange smart contractsMerlin was conducted by Certik, but it seems that the specialists were not able to detect the vulnerability. However, the fact that the funds were withdrawn from the exchange’s liquidity pools speaks precisely of a vulnerability in the smart contract code.

Previously, Certik has already conducted audits of projects that later turned out to be hacked. These include PancakeBunny, Uranium Finance and Meerkat Finance.

The Merlin exchange was launched just a few daysago and caught the attention of the entire cryptocurrency community as it is deployed on the zkSync layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network. The site management even managed to conclude several partnership agreements. In addition, the Merlin exchange is currently holding a public sale of MAGE tokens.

Recently, the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. Hackers managed to withdraw assets worth $23 million.