June 18, 2024

Hackers steal data from 2.2 million GateHub and EpicBot users

</span>users of GateHub and EpicBot&#8221;src=&#8221;/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/db815e3522083b93228bca7d0b6bba7f.jpg&#8221; alt=&#8221;Hackers stole the data of 2.2 million GateHub and EpicBot users&#8221; /></p>

Website employee Have I Been Pwned (&#8220;Meraped?&#8221;) reported that personal data of 2.2 million users of the GateHub portal and the EpicBot bot appeared on the network. On November 19, Ars Technica specialist Troy Hunt confirmed this information.

According to Hunt, hackers took possession of the personalInformation from 1.4 million cryptocurrency wallet owners opened at GateHub. As a result of the second attack, the attackers gained access to the data of 800,000 clients of EpicBot bots developed by RuneScape. The stolen information includes email addresses, passwords, two-factor authentication keys, passphrases and hash wallets created in EpicBot. GateHub representatives claim that hackers were unable to get to the crypto storage hashes.

November 15 Twitter user Aashish Koyralaraised the alarm after he received a notification from Experian that his personal information for entering the GateHub account was compromised and sold on the darknet. The total weight of the stolen information was 3.72 GB. Information was also posted on the popular hacker forum Have I Been Pwned. Experts noted that the database contains passwords that were encrypted using the adaptive cryptographic hash function bcrypt, which is extremely difficult to crack. Therefore, we can conclude that the crime was committed by experienced hackers.

GateHub Cybersecurity Workersstudied the database of stolen data, but could not confirm its authenticity. To exclude the possibility of theft of virtual currency, the information was re-encrypted, and users of the site were forced to change passwords.

This is not the first time Gatehub has been attacked. In June 2019, there was a leak of user data of 100 wallets for storing the XRP digital asset, as a result of which a cryptocurrency worth $ 10 million was stolen. At the same time, Gatehub experts warned users of an ongoing phishing campaign. Clients of the platform were sent emails from @ gatehub.com and @ gatehub.net in order to gain access to logins and passwords.