June 6, 2023

Hackers Hacked KuCoin Exchange Twitter Account

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Hackers Hacked KuCoin Exchange Twitter Account

Attackers hacked into the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange Twitter account, as a result of which some users could suffer from phishing. The technical support of the exchange has already restored access to the account.

KuCoin technical people wrote inTwitter that the exchange account was compromised for about 45 minutes. The hackers posted fraudulent links and messages, which could lead to the loss of crypto assets from several users. Twenty-two Ether and Bitcoin transactions were identified, totaling $22,628, linked to fraudulent tweets. The management of KuCoin promised to fully refund all confirmed asset losses that occurred due to a hacked account on the social network.

Technicians reported that immediatelymade efforts to regain control of the account and assured that client assets on KuCoin are safe. To prevent further loss of users, KuCoin technical support checks and blocks suspicious addresses.

In addition to the current two-factor identification,The KuCoin team will take additional security measures to strengthen the security of their social media accounts. The exchange is investigating this incident to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Note that KuCoin is under scrutinythe attention of US regulators. In March, New York State Attorney General Letitia James sued the exchange for failing to register as a commodities and securities broker-dealer.