March 8, 2021

Hacker from Ternopil region robbed international banks

Hacker from Ternopil region robbed international banks

A Ukrainian hacker who helped steal tens of millions of dollars from foreign banks was detained during international special operation.

A resident of the Ternopil region developed a phishing package and a special administrative panel for it, which opened bank resources with customer data.

Banks in eleven countries have been targeted by targeted phishing attacks.

To promote his development, the hacker opened an online store on the darknet, where he not only sold a malicious package, but also provided further technical support for phishing attacks on clients.

It was possible to suppress the work of the attackeran international team of law enforcement officers from Ukraine, the USA and Australia. During five searches, police seized computer equipment with evidence of illegal activity. Material evidence helped law enforcement to identify more than two hundred buyers of the malicious product.

According to the investigation, the phishing package and the admin panel developed by the hacker made it possible to gain access to the accounts of bank clients and redirect their financial flows to their accounts.

In addition, the prosecution claims that more than half of the 2019 phishing attacks on banks were carried out thanks to the development of a Ukrainian.

In open criminal proceedings, the programmer faces up to six years in prison.

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