November 29, 2022

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Grin is the second coin that includes the version of the MimbleWimble protocol (January 15, 2019). About this protocol quite a lot of information, among which you can highlight the main points:

  • Increased privacy;
  • Scalability and reduced blockchain size.

Regarding Beam, this coin is distinguished by moredecentralized approach. Anyone who wants to mine this coin should read this article, it talks about how to do it, and what is the difference between Grin and Monero and ZCash.

Grin uses the Equihash algorithm, written inRust is opposed to mining using ASIC: as in the case of Monero, it will conduct a hard fork every six months to prevent mining using ASIC.

You may also have heard of Beam, the firstthe cryptocurrency that came with the version of the MimbleWimble protocol. Compared to Beam, the Grin blockchain is distinguished by its system architecture. The main differences between them from the point of view of users is that Grin allows transactions based on IP, files and addresses.

Beam uses temporary IDs that helpwallets communicate with each other and create permanent IDs from the moment the standard ID changes after each connection to the wallet. This enhances privacy.

Knowing some details about Grin, let's move on to its mining.

Preparing for mining Grin

At the beginning of this guide, I would like to note that for mining Grin you will need at least a 5.5 GB card, if you want to mine using ASIC, you will need 11GB cards.

Before starting training, use two tips on how to get the most out of mining. First, make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed.

Secondly, most mining programswill be perceived by antivirus programs as a virus. In this regard, if you mine on your daily used or game computer on which the antivirus is installed, you will have to deactivate the active virus software.

In this case, it is better to create a folder, and then place the mining software in a subfolder, then the main folder is excluded from antivirus scanning.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Creating a Grin Wallet

Now consider the nuances of the startup process.wallet, since the coins of the MimbleWimble blockchain are different from other cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest differences in the protocol is that there should not be any addresses in the system, wallets communicate (they do not need to be online) with each other in order to send cryptocurrency.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Grin has addresses,Private keys, but addresses are just not recommended. Sending and receiving to Grin occurs using the IP address, by transferring the file and receiving it back, or using the Grin address. In this guide, we will cover all three methods.

Install Ubuntu

Currently only available for GrinLinux wallets, because you need a full node to run, which is not available on Windows right now. If your computer does not have Linux, you can use the Windows virtual machine, for example, VMware player (free). After downloading and installing, you need to download the Linux distribution, it is better to use the server version of Ubuntu 18.04.

I use the server version because it can be downloaded quickly, it takes up little space and responds faster to requests.

During the installation, select the option “Configurehardware ... ”, change the HD by at least 50 GB and change the use of RAM and processor to 50-75% of the total. If a computer with 4 cores and 8 GB, then for a virtual machine I would choose 2 cores and 4 GB of RAM.

After starting the virtual machine to install Linux, you can accept all parameters by default and use the entire disk of the virtual machine.

Then you need to log in, the terminal will appear, as this is the installation of the server. Next, a graphical interface is installed, for example, XFCE.

sudo apt install -y xfce4 xfce4-goodies

It will take about 650 MB. Then you need to start the graphical interface using:


Please note that the same login will be the next time the virtual machine is used. Enter your username, password, Linux is now installed and loaded.

Installing a Grin Wallet

First you need to open the terminal.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Now you need to install several packages,which will still be needed. First you need to install a web browser to download documents and manuals to the web browser of the virtual machine, while you can use the "copy" and "paste" functions. We will also need a version control system (git) to get the code from github.

sudo apt install -y firefox git

After Firefox and git are installed,let's create a panel to launch it. Just right-click on the desktop and select “Create a launcher”. Then select “Create Launcher Fired ...” and click Create.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Now open firefox and select “mark as executable” so that the warning does not appear again.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Run this guide through Firefox to be able to copy and paste in the next steps.

This command is required to create a walletfrom the source and its launch. You can go to the official GitHub wallet and see the requirements for setting which commands will be executed. This will install all the necessary software with one command.

curl -sSf | sh; source $ HOME / .cargo / env && sudo apt install -y build-essential cmake libgit2-dev clang libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev zlib1g-dev pkg-config libssl-dev llvm

If prompted for installation options, press enter. All this operation will install packages on approximately 700 Mb.

Instead of an official wallet, it was planneduse created by the community, as it is easier to use, convenient to receive and send payments, plus it has a detailed usage guide. It is similar to the Monero CLI, but the official wallet needs serious revision.

This is a link to the official wallet and wallet 713. This is a link to the setup steps and a guide to using wallet 713.

Please note that the wallet is built into the node, so we do not need to put a separate node. Now create the wallet itself.

cd ~ && mkdir Installed-Programs && cd I * && git clone && cd wallet713 && cargo build --release

Grin Wallet Launch

Launch the wallet and synchronize it (to launch the wallet, you can either use this command each time, or create a launch bar, as for firefox).

~ / Installed-Programs / wallet713 / target / release / wallet713

Now create a new wallet.


You will need to write down the grin address and the private words seed. Grin has an address system, but you can do without them, it will be much simpler. You can then check balances by typing


To receive new payments that have been received since the last load of the wallet, you need to run listener


GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

The figure above shows the commands and answers.wallet. Seed words (private key) of the wallet are marked with a red frame. They are known only to the user, do not leave them in the public domain, otherwise your funds may be stolen. The billing address highlighted in green (red arrow) is the public key that can be given to others to send payments. The blue arrow shows the balance of the wallet.

Using Grin Wallet

There are 3 ways to send and receive payments in Grin:

  • Https
  • File based
  • Grin address

By running listner, the wallet will automatically receiveany payment sent to him by https or grin address. To get https, you need to redirect the ports on your router, 713 wallet now does not support accepting payments based on https, so we will not stop here.

Send payment using https

send amount --to https: // IP: 13415

To send a payment using a grin address, you can run

send amount --to grinbox_address_of_recipient

To send a payment using files

send amount --file ~ / path / to / transaction.tx

Then you send this file (transaction.tx) to the recipient.
Get payment via file (this is how payments from the mining pool are obtained)

receive --file ~ / path / to / transaction.tx

This will create a response transaction.tx.response file that needs to be returned to the sender.
Then the sender will run

finalize --file ~ / path / to / transaction.tx.response

and payment will be sent over the network.

Mining pools Grin

Here we will use This pool does not charge a fee.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Now you can start mining!

CPU mining

This is disadvantageous, so you should not focus on this.

GPU Mining - Nvidia and AMD

At the moment, the choice for mining grinA small, better option is GrinGoldMiner. This mining software charges a 2% commission to developers. To use it, you need to install .NET 2.2

Click the “Download .NET Core Runtime” button

After downloading and installing .NET, run the miner and edit the values ​​as shown below:

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

In field "[email protected]"Enter the email address," rig 1 "is the name that identifies the mining computer, for example," office computer ". Replace “strongpassword” with your password.

Then in the same folder, run the config.xml file and make sure that the settings were saved correctly and your GPU was detected correctly.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Now just run the miner software and you will see something like this.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Also go to the mining pool website, atwhich will be your payout requests. Since Grin uses the MimbleWimble protocol without addresses, you can request a payout to your email address or IP address.

Receive payments from the mining pool

Open the dashboard, enter the password in the text box and click the payout button by email. After that, you will receive an email with the file. Then in the wallet you need to run

receive --file ~ / path / to / transaction.tx

A response transaction.tx file will be created.response, which must be returned to the sender. To do this, return to the dashboard and enter the password again, and then select "complete the transaction." Then select the transaction.tx.response file and upload it. Then you should receive a payment, which can be verified by entering in your wallet


If you have problems setting up mining, several options are possible.

Perhaps there is not enough virtual memory. You may need 16 GB of virtual memory (Vega GPU needs more, about 16 GB per GPU). For changes you need to go to the control panel - System and Security - System and click Advanced System Settings on the left.

Then click the Options button on the tabAdditionally, then the Change button, on the third screen, clear the Manage automatically check box, select a custom size and enter the size (in mb) in each text box. Then press the set button, then the ok button.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Diagnosis of problems

What you need to check is outdated orrejected balls. If you see a lot of obsolete ball, you can try to use a server that is closer to you. If you see a lot of deflected ball, try lowering the miner voltage, if possible.

How many GRIN tokens can be obtained per day - mining calculator

To calculate this, go to https: // and use the calculator. It provides an approximate calculation, so your amount may be higher or lower than what is indicated in the calculator.

GRIN cryptocurrency mining, wallet, pool and miner settings

Most of the values ​​are already entered correctly, you only need to change a few.

Hashrate: Enter the total speed (megahash per second) forall your mining computers. This value will be the “overall speed” in the mining software. Remember to add all the computers that you use to mine coins.

Power: enter the total power (in watts) thatuses your mining computer. This can be measured using separate mining software. Also, using special software or a kilowatt meter, you can measure the total power consumption of a computer. I prefer to use a kilowatt meter, because I consider it the most accurate. Do not forget to consider all the computers that you use for Grin mining.

Cost of electricity: Enter the cost per kilowatt hour you pay to your energy company. I was able to find this information in my monthly bill, as well as on their website.

Pool commissions: enter the pool commissions + commission to the developers of mining software. It will be 0 + 2 = 2%

Cost of equipment: Enter the total cost of all equipment.

In this image you can see how many coinsand US dollars you will receive for a certain period of time. In the Profit column, the amount remains after the payment of electricity; you can also see daily payments in US dollars. Focusing on this figure, you can run a calculator for other coins and determine which coin is most profitable for your mining rig.

You also need to evaluate daily payouts.relative to market capitalization. A coin with low market capitalization may one day really become profitable, and lose half the value the next day. In deciding on the mining of a new coin, you need to take into account the factors of hype and inflation.

Now you can mine grin! Remember to enter the public key in the pool dashboard to track statistics.

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